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Fire Pit and Covered PatioIf you are looking to transform your backyard…

You may want to consider a covered patio.

A covered patio creates a great place to bring people together outside.

In fact – research by the National Association of REALTORS® reports that:

84% of home owners have a greater desire to be home after building a new patio.

Your covered patio is a place where you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy fresh air while staying protected from the elements.

In this post, we’re going to look at covered patio style & feature options.

But first, let’s take a look at the long history of indoor/outdoor living.

History of the Covered Patio

The Patio originated as a Spanish development found in medieval architecture.

The Spanish word “patio” translates to “courtyard.”

A patio built in those days was originally designed as an open-air inner courtyard within a large building (often a palace or cathedral).

Inspired by the Roman atrium and the Italian cortile, the Spanish patio became a fixture in residential houses during the 15th & 16th century.

Early patios were often surrounded by arcades (continuous arches) on one or more sides.

Old Spanish Patio Covered

These patios provided a great deal of privacy.

Also, the arched areas provided cover from the elements while remaining open to fresh air.

Fast forward a few centuries.

According to history provided by the Smithsonian Institute’s “Patios, Pools & the Invention of the American Back Yard” traveling exhibition…

…patios were not a mainstay of American architecture until the post-war 1950s created a construction boom in what became the modern American suburb.

That’s when patios exploded across the country as an extension of life into the back yard.

Here’s an early example of a covered patio behind a 1950s home.

Covered Patio From 1950s

As time has progressed, outdoor living spaces of one sort or another are included on nearly all homes built today.

And people have gotten very creative with with the design of these spaces.

Let’s look at some reasons covered patios are so popular.

Why Build a Covered Patio

While a wooden deck, concrete patio or paver patio is nice feature…

…a covered patio opens up a world of possibilities for how you can enjoy your backyard.

Here are a few reasons why a covered patio is great.

Spend More Time Outside

A covered patio will protect you from the elements while you enjoy time outside.

For this reason, you’ll be able to enjoy your patio more often and in more varied weather conditions.

Depending on the cover type (open pergola vs. roofed area), you will certainly benefit from sun protection…

…you also may also enjoy protection from precipitation.

Giving your more time to spend outdoors.

Patio With Roof Extension

More Comfortable Outdoor Space

A covered patio cools things down, so you can truly relax on your patio any time of day.

Add a ceiling fan, and you’ve got a super comfortable area to visit and pass the time.

Kids and pets stay cooler.

And your patio will feel more like an extension of your home.

Plus a covered patio accommodates more options in terms of patio furniture and creature comforts.

Like outdoor TVs, an outdoor fire place, an outdoor kitchen, etc.

Improve the Health of Your Family

By providing a more comfortable outdoor living space, you’ll be doing yourself and your family a big favor.

In today’s technology-saturated environment, we could all use more time outside.

Experts suggest that while kids need a minimum of three hours outside each day…

…kids on average spend just 4-7 minutes per day in outdoor unstructured play, while spending over 7 hours per day in front of a screen.

Being outside provides a whole host of benefits, including: vitamin D absorption, improved creativity & problem solving, opens up imaginative thinking, improves muscle & bone health, reduces stress & fatigue, etc.

Boy & Dog Playing Outside

Add to Your Home’s Aesthetics

A covered patio helps your home look more inviting.

In addition to providing several benefits to you, a covered patio may increase your home’s value.

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects

Outdoor seating & dining areas are one of the top 3 popular outdoor living design element being added to homes today.

A covered patio offers a more welcoming backyard and helps create a more finished look to the back of your home.

Build a Fire Pit & Pergola

These are just a few of the ways a covered patio can improve the quality of everyday family life.

While adding value to your home.

Covered Patio Options

When it comes to designing a covered patio, it’s important to partner with an experienced patio contractor.

When working with 918 Outdoor, you can rest assured that you’re working with one of Tulsa’s best patio builders.

We will help you determine the best design for your covered patio and offer options to best meet your outdoor living goals within a budget you can afford.

Pergola With Sun Shade

A pergola offers one of the most cost-effective ways to add shade to your patio.

It’s for that reason that a new pergola is one of the most popular outdoor living investments we see.

By design, a standard pergola offers sun shade protection from above.

Tulsa Paver Patio

With the addition of a roof or other accessories, your pergola can shed water completely.

Or create sun shade protection on it’s sides.

A pergola patio can be attached to the house or can be built as a standalone unit.

View more images of Tulsa pergola projects ›

Patio Roof Extension

Depending on the layout of your home.

And its roof, you may want to consider a roof extension over your patio.

This would tie the patio roof directly into your home for a seamless look and feel.

Options in this case could include lighting and ceiling fans.

You could consider adding some sun shades or screens to this area.

In addition to that, we install audio/visual equipment, fire pits, outdoor kitchen equipment, etc.

Patio Roof

Screened In Patio

If you want to use your patio more like a four-season room.

Let’s look at adding some screens and/or windows to your patio.

An enclosed patio provides even more privacy and weather protection.

Along with a space you can enjoy all year round.

Concrete Patio After Staining

Pavilion Covered Patio

Perhaps you’d like a stand-alone pavilion.

A pavilion is a popular choice for outdoor kitchens and entertaining.

A pavilion’s larger size can often accommodate more upgrades.

Common pavilion additions include:

Outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen, sofa or sectional seating, TVs, large tables & more.

Pavilion Covered Patio

Patio Gazebo

Maybe you’d like a more quaint feel for your covered patio.

To create a more self-constained, private space to visit or entertain.

Let us help you design the perfect gazebo for your patio.

A gazebo might provide the perfect structure for your backyard patio.

Gazebo Patio

In Summary

We’ve explored several options to consider as you think about building a covered patio.

With this, we hope you’ve gotten some ideas to help you think about what design features might best serve your needs and the needs of your family.

As a full-service outdoor living contractor in Tulsa, 918 Outdoor offers construction of: outdoor fire pits & fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, paver systems for walkways, pool decks, driveways & more.

We also offer: backyard design, landscape design, drainage systems, outdoor lighting, outdoor audio/visual and any other landscape or hardscape need you may have.

When you’re ready to explore a specific outdoor living project for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are more than happy to help!

Are you building a covered patio in Tulsa?

We would love to help! 918 Outdoor is the premier outdoor living contractor serving Tulsa and all of northeast Oklahoma.

918 Outdoor helps you live life better outdoors! Contact us online to schedule a free consultation, or call (918) 943-3063.

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